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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an ancient tradition within the historic Church whereby an individual seeks to grow closer to God with the help of another person who is capable of helping him or her hear the Spirit within.  It is about listening to God with the desire to know and do God's Will, and grow in Love of God and Charity toward self and others.  It is deeply personal as it addresses one's own relationship with God.  It is about nothing else!  It can affect every aspect of one's life, but it is primarily about one's relationship with God--and how THAT affects everything else.

Spiritual direction can take various forms depending upon the director and directee. It is not chit-chat!  It is not haphazard conversations.  It is an INTENTIONAL and SERIOUS commitment between the spiritual director and directee to attend to the Holy Relationship one has with God.  For this reason, it is normally a regularly scheduled exchange, with the clear intention of seriously addressing one's prayer life, and one's religious practice, and how both affect daily life choices and relationships.  Vocational, career choices, and daily choices are informed by one's personal relationship with God, so a director and directee examine the FRUIT of the directee's spiritual life to see better if the life is on track.  If so, a spiritual director will help one go deeper...  If not, a spiritual director will help one hear the Spirit of God correct and redirect thinking, praying, and the choices made.

 In recent years spiritual direction has been known by several names or descriptions, such as spiritual journeying, co-journeying, soul-friendship, soul-mentoring, or spiritual-mentoring.  Spiritual direction has been a tradition within the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church since the beginning of the Church, regardless of the name that was used for it in various parts of the world.  Soul-friendship was also a sacred tradition among the pagan Celtic people, and the concept of soul-friendship was readily baptized into the Christian Faith in the early Church among the Celtic people.  The Celtic monks combined this tradition with the sacrament of Penance as a normal practice, and influenced the early Church's ritual of the sacrament, changing it from a public confession and penance once before death, to a private exchange between the penitent and confessor, and done more frequently than once before death.

Today, spiritual direction has been rediscovered by more of the laity within the Catholic Church, and newly discovered by many non-Catholics in growing numbers. This is one area of spirituality where Christians are united, i.e., in the desire to grow closer to God and have that close relationship affect their daily lives.

HOW does it work?

Before beginning spiritual direction, the director and directee talk together about their practical expectations, and their personal approach to spiritual direction.  There are different schools of spiritual direction and it is important that the directee understand a director's approach. This initial conversation is to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts down the road because of any unexpressed expectations.  An honest and candid conversation about spiritual direction will help avoid problems.  They may agree to try the spiritual relationship for a set time, then to evaluate it before committing to an ongoing relationship of spiritual direction.  In this manner both will feel comfortable enough to continue together.  If the match is not a beneficial one, it is understood that the directee is free to seek another director.  We will try to help him or her do this so the directee is not left feeling alone.

What about fees? 

Some spiritual directors charge a set fee or work on a sliding scale, others ask a donation.  In some cases donations can be made to a Church which then pays stipends to their priests or ministers for their work.  To avoid any misunderstandings, speak with the individual director regarding any fees or stipends expected before making a commitment.

Where can I obtain spiritual direction?

To talk with a priest in the Celtic Christian Church about spiritual direction itself, or to schedule an appointment, call 570-242-8756.

Some of our priests are spiritual directors and are available to serve.  We maintain this list of available directors within the Celtic Christian Church as a service to those who may be seeking spiritual direction.  If you would like to speak with any of our directors, please use the contact information below for more details regarding each one's methods and/or fees. 

Click on their names for a direct e-mail.

Bishop Cait Finnegan received her training at Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Directors.  She has been a spiritual director for over 30 years.    She approaches spiritual direction traditionally as "soul friendship" for individuals, and also is experienced in working spiritually with victims of clergy and religious abuse, as well as with priests, religious, and vocational discernment. Many years in the Charismatic Renewal.

No fee. Bishop Cait's
 concept of Anamchara, of spiritual friendship is freely received, freely given.

"Come, all of you who thirst, come to the waters; and you without money, come, buy, and eat! Come, buy wine and milk, without money and without cost!" Isaiah 55:1

"Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from dreaded skin diseases, and drive out demons. You have received without paying, so give without being paid." Good News Translation

But Peter said to him, "I have no money at all, but I give you what I have: in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I order you to get up and walk!" (IOW: WALK in the Light of Christ...) Good News Translation

Direction in person, or long distance by phone or zoom, or write:

 Rev. Patricia McClellan is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, as well as a priest and vowed religious in The Order of the Merciful Christ.  She is comfortable working with those in Recovery, as well as with others who are seriously committed to their own spiritual growth.  She can be reached via e-mail:

We also wish to let you know of other spiritual directors who are not in the Celtic Christian Church but whom we know personally.

Rev. Reg C. Richburg is a Licensed Social Worker as well as a spiritual director. Reg was trained through the Guild for Spiritual Guidance and has practiced as a spiritual director for the past 16 years.  Reg has extensive experience working with members of the LGBTQ&T community as well a with people from the non Queer community and is comfortable working in person, phone or Skype at: reg.richburg2 or e-mail her at: lambseeker

Ms Susie Chin is a graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance. As a laywomen, mother and grandmother - I find my Joy in supporting others as they too explore their Spiritual Journey. Susie can be reached at .

Dr. Edward Sellner, trained in dream work at Jung Institute in Zurich, a former chemical dependency counselor at Hazelden, and a spiritual writer, is available for spiritual guidance to help you understand your dreams, work with your addictions, or navigate your spiritual longings.  Dr. Sellner's office is in St. Paul, MN, however he is also available via phone and video chat connection. 
Contact Info:  Telephone Number:  651-263-7089
or E-mail at:

For a list of Dr. Sellner's books visit: Edward Sellner on Amazon



Telephone: 570-242-8756
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