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The ancient and beautiful Celtic Christian spirituality embodied in the life of the Celtic Christian Church is drawing people to us from around the country. It can be particularly attractive to people of Celtic heritage. However, we do not set any kind of ethnic limitation, and all who are attracted to the Christian life it offers are welcomed and embraced warmly in the Celtic spirit. 

In the ancient Celtic Church episcopal jurisdictions were based, not on geography, as in western dioceses today, but on spiritual "spheres of influence." Following in that tradition our bishops have been elected by those they serve spiritually, regardless of their location. In the Celtic spirit, their relationships to them are that of ANAMCHARA, or Soul Friend, a beautiful and highly regarded spiritual relationship. 

A distinctive characteristic of Celtic Christian spirituality is a keen awareness of the fact that we do not just "fit" the spiritual into our lives somewhere or sometime when it's convenient, but instead we know that we are part of the spiritual life, immersed in it while living in the material world. Thus we see, through spiritual eyes, the holiness of all creation around us and take seriously our role as stewards. This is certainly a necessary attitude in our world today. 

Apostolic faith and charity, simplicity, hospitality, honor given to family kinship and spiritual friendships, sacramental life, prayer, and a profound respect for all of God's creation--all these mark the Celtic Christian and form the spirit in which we live our Christian life. 

You can read Father Paschal's blog about Celtic Christian spirituality in Kentucky here.

The following video is a homily about Celtic Christian spirituality created by Celtic Christianity Today.



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