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Our bishops are chosen by the members of the Church.  Our concept of episcopal jurisdiction mirrors the Celtic notion of soul friendship, and our bishops are friends to the soul whose first purpose is to help the members of the Church grow closer to God and one another.  They are not the spiritual directors of the individual members, but trusted by the members to keep the Church as a whole and the individuals safe from error.  Each member has a say as to which bishop will be his or her bishop, and this is not affected by geographic location, but by the trusted spiritual relationship one develops with that bishop.  Our bishops are available to each member of the Church and not only to the clergy.

The Celtic Christian Church is served by three elected bishops, each serving in her episcopal jurisdiction.  

Our Founding Bishop:  The Most Rev. Joseph A. Grenier, Of Sacred Memory.  

The Most Rev. Katherine Kurtz, OSM,  All Angels Jurisdiction

The Most Rev. Cait Finnegan, OMC, St. Ciaran's Jurisdiction, Presiding Bishop

Elected the first bishop of St. Ciaran's Fellowship of Celtic Christian Communities and consecrated on April 6, 1997, Bishop Joseph Grenier  remained bishop of St. Ciarán's Jurisdiction after the breakup of the Celtic Christian Communion and the Fellowship's change of name to The Celtic Christian Church was formed.

After the Church grew to include another jurisdiction  Bishop Grenier was elected presiding bishop.

Bishop Grenier passed through the veil on January 19, 2016.

Bishop Katherine Kurtz, OSM joined the Celtic Christian Church as Bishop of All Angels Jurisdiction.  

Upon the death of Bishop Grenier, Bishop Katherine became Presiding Bishop of The Celtic Christian Church and served until October 2018.

Bishop Cait Finnegan, OMC co-founder of the CCC with her husband, Bishop Joseph Grenier,

became the second bishop of St. Ciaran's Jurisdiction on July 16, 2016 upon Bishop Joe's death.

She became the Presiding Bishop of the Celtic Christian Church on October 31, 2018


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